A Great System to Increase Relative Strength

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In many sports people want to increase maximal strength without increasing their body weight. The reasons could be aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, weight class sports, or aesthetics (figure skating, synchro-swimming etc..). Even though it is not in the rule books, artistic sports athletes get marked down if too muscular.

This workout is rather severe, we will use 100 kg as the 1 R.M. to illustrate the rep/set/load scheme.


The rest between warm-up sets is the time to change the load, if you train with a partner the time difference does not really matter. The key is to be activated, and ready to use heavy loads.

40 kg x 4 x 2

60 kg x 3

75 kg x 2

85 kg x 1

95 kg x 1

Work Sets

The work sets are high intensity drop set that should be set up as follow:

100 kg x 1, rest one minute

97.5 kg x 1, , rest one minute

95 kg x 1, rest one minute

92.5 kg x 1, , rest one minute

87.5 kg x 1, rest one minute

85 kg x 1, , rest one minute

82.5 kg x 1, rest one minute

80 kg x 1, , rest one minute

Rest 3 minutes

85 kg x 5 reps for 5 sets, resting 4 minutes between sets.

Special considerations:

  • You can pair compound exercises, i.e. chins and overhead presses
  • Double stations are to be used it for exercises involving just two joints (i.e. shoulder and elbow).
  • You only pair antagonists exercises for the 5 x 5, the high load drop sets are done by themselves.
  • If you are using 3 joints or more like snatch, and squats, don’t use any pairing.
  • Tempo will be explosive in the concentric range. For Olympic lifts, this goes without saying you just drop the bar. For squats, presses, chins etc.. You can 2 to 5 seconds on the eccentric, there is no best tempo, just vary them.
  • Do this workout 4 to 6 times in a row before you select another one.

Enjoy the results,
Coach Charles

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