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Strength Coaches Most Recommended By Strength Sensei

I am contacted every day for the assembly of programs. For a number of reasons, I only train people who have done over 100 hours of classes with me. However, many of you need help. The following strength trainers are the ones I recommend for program consultation / assembly. If you need to know how much they charge, don’t worry about contacting them.

They are the best and ask for a fair price for their skill level.

I do not provide their contact information on purpose, only their location. It is up to you to contact the strength trainers directly. This will ensure that you are truly motivated to pursue this.

  • André Benoit, Calgary
  • Ben Clarfield, Toronto
  • Ben Prentiss, Stamford
  • Christian Maurice, Montreal
  • Christian Thibaudeau, cidade de Quebec
  • Clarke Flynn, Ottawa
  • Daniel Hunter, Bélgica
  • Daniel Knebel, Düsseldorf
  • David Mathew Johnson, Dubai
  • David Lawrence, Detroit, MI
  • Dieter Roylance, Melbourne
  • Dmitry Klokov, Moscou
  • Ed Coan, Chicago, IL
  • Eric Falstrault, Montréal
  • Francine Savard, Montreal
  • George Chiappa, Ottawa
  • Helen Lillenberg Estocolmo
  • Ilias Bountakis, Grécia
  • Jim Kotantonis, Melbourne
  • John Broz, Las Vegas, NV
  • Josh Bryant, Dallas, Tx
  • Juan Carlos Simo, Santo Domingo
  • Keith Alpert, Boston
  • Kelly Martinovich, Perth
  • Larry Vinette, Montreal
  • Levi Earl, Finlândia
  • Malcolm Gwilliam, Phoenix, AZ
  • Marty Williams, Perth
  • Mats Hagedorn, Estocolmo
  • Matt Wenning, Columbus, OH
  • Mike Bystol, Chicago, IL
  • Milos Sarcev, Pasadena
  • Pierre Roy, Montreal
  • Preston Greene, Gainesville, FL
  • Radomir Obrenić, Montenegro
  • Robert Jacobs, Atlanta, Ga.
  • Stan Efferding, Las Vegas, NV
  • Tamas Feher, Hungria
  • Thomas Dybdahl, Dinamarca
  • Tom Crudington, Reino Unido
  • Tony Parra, Santo Domingo
  • Tracey Walker, Perth


Please do not bother to write, “What about Joe Xyz?” If they are not on the list, it means I cannot attest to their competence levels. It’s a very small industry, if they are great, I know about them.

Good luck,


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