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Huge & Freaky

A massive resource for those who want to pack on mass and get ripped

If you’re a bodybuilding purist and want to know how the best bodybuilders train and how you should train, check out Huge and Freaky: Muscle Mass and Strength Secrets.

Before getting into what is taught in this book, consider that it was written by Robert Kennedy and Dennis B. Weis. Weis’s first major bodybuilding
article appeared in Iron Man magazine in 1976, and from there, he became one of the most prolific writers in bodybuilding. His work has appeared in mainstream newsstand Iron Game magazines, including Muscle and Fitness and MuscleMag International, and numerous well-illustrated books that served as compilations of his work.

Kennedy wrote 55 books and founded RKP/Robert Kennedy Publishing. He began publishing MuscleMag International in 1974 and Oxygen in 1997.
Kennedy is credited for developing the pre-exhaustion method, which he first wrote about in a 1968 article entitled, “A New Technique for

One of the benefits of having these accomplished writers collaborate on Huge and Freaky is a collection of amazing photos — it could seriously be
considered a coffee table book. The eye candy starts on page 7 with one of the best photos ever of Lou “The Incredible Hulk” Ferrigno, then continues with champion after champion. There’s even a photo of Coach Charles Poliquin on page 286, filling out a Gracie Jiu-Jitsu tank top!

Printed on high-quality paper, Huge and Freaky is 496 pages. It’s divided into 15 sections the authors call “Books,” and Weis and Kennedy wrote it for hardcore bodybuilders with at least 18 months of training. It’s an easy read — you won’t need a thesaurus or a medical dictionary at arm’s length to get through it.

The first book, “Huge and Freaky Muscle Mass and Strength Program,”
covers program design essentials, such as loading parameters. If you move next to Book 2 about nutrition and supplements and Book 3 about sleep and recovery, you’ve covered the basics. From there, you face the challenge of trying to decide what to read next—every one of its 47 chapters is full of bodybuilding knowledge bombs. Let’s take one example.

Charles Poliquin said that variety was one of the most important
characteristics of effective workout programs. If you’re looking for proven training methods to shock your muscles into growth, jump to “Book 10: 29 Red-Line Intensity Manipulation Techniques.” And if you want to explore unique exercises to blast all the major body parts, skip to Book 13, “Cherry Bomb Exercise Tips,” and you’ll find what you need.

Huge and Freaky is a remarkable resource for those who take bodybuilding seriously and represents the best work of Robert Kennedy and Dennis B. Weis. Invest in a copy today!

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Cover photo by Miloš Šarčev photo

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