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10 Points to Increase Revenue

Charles Poliquin’s insights into how to be a success in business

Most personal trainers get into the fitness business because they want to transform their passion for fitness into a profitable business. Unfortunately, the field is oversaturated. There are trainers with master’s degrees who make minimum wage at big box commercial gym and others who simply cannot find work. Coach Charles Poliquin is here to help with the 10 Points to Increase Revenue podcast.

One issue is that those who certify personal trainers promise big salaries, for the simple reason they are in the business of selling personal training certifications. Students look at these programs as investments in their future but soon realize that having that fancy personal training certificate suitable for framing doesn’t guarantee they will get paid well or if they can find a job at all.

Yes, there are trainers who charge over $100 an hour, and the average wage is about $22 an hour. What those numbers don’t tell you is that those who work in a commercial gym are often responsible for recruiting clients and have to compete with their co-workers for those clients. If you can’t sell yourself and your services, you probably won’t last long at those gyms.

The challenge is the pandemic has forced many companies that employ 
personal trainers into bankruptcy. An estimated 1-in-4 health clubs, gyms, and personal training centers closed in 2020. Added to this is the issue with more Americans having less disposable income or being unwilling to invest in personal training due to concerns that future strains could jeopardize their earning potential.

Earn More Money the Strength Sensei Way

In this informative podcast monitored by accomplished personal trainer Eoin Lacey, Strength Sensei Charles Poliquin begins his interview with his #1 motto to increase your revenue, “You’ve got to learn more to earn more!”

Throughout his career, Coach Poliquin never stopped learning. In his teens, after reading everything he could find about strength training written in French, he studied the English language to learn more. Eventually, he discovered that the best info on strength training was coming from Germany, and so he learned German. This passion for learning led him to travel to Germany to meet weightlifting coach Rolf Feser, who introduced him to German Volume training.

Coach Poliquin says the most distinguishing characteristic of the top five percent of earners in any field is that they attend four seminars a year. And this transitions into his #2 tip, which is learning new skills that are transferable to your field, such as learning program design. He says if you
are an effective program designer, your clients will have better results and will refer their friends to you.

Elite athletes such as weightlifter Jessica Lucero followed carefully designed workouts to achieve success. Lucero competed in four World Weightlifting Championships. (Photo by Viviana Podhaiski @liftinglife.)

An example of a practical seminar that can help you increase your revenue is the Posturepro Sports Performance seminar scheduled for May 15-16 at The Strength Sensei Training and Education Center in Colorado Springs. This seminar teaches a neuromechanical approach to help your clients
improve their posture, coordination, agility, and strength. Coach Poliquin worked with Posturepro practitioners and even made video testimonials
endorsing their system.

Personal training is a rewarding profession, but to make it a financially successful one, invest in a copy of the 10 Points to Increase Revenue podcast.

[To listen to the Strength Sensei Exclusive Podcast Interview with Charles Poliquin, CHP Podcast #4: 10 Points to Increase Revenue, click this link:]

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