Stimulate Growth Hormone Production with Saunas


Can saunas help you lose weight? According to Charles R. Poliquin, yes – but not for the reason you think.

Saunas will cause an immediate drop in your bodyweight from dehydration. Athletes in bodyweight division sports, including wrestling and MMA, have used saunas to help them compete in lighter bodyweight divisions. Unfortunately, many take this to the extreme, risking their health. What about fat weight?

The Strength Sensei says the regular use of a sauna can stimulate the production of growth hormone. Increased growth hormone is associated with fat loss and is a benefit of the Strength Sensei’s revolutionary body composition workouts. The amount of growth hormone is related to the temperature of the sauna.

Regardless of your current state of health, if you want to use the sauna as an adjunct to a fat loss program, check with your doctor or other qualified health care provider to ensure that doing so is safe for you and what protocols you can tolerate.

BOTTOM LINE: Saunas can help you lose bodyfat by stimulating growth hormone production. (TSS)

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