Consider Early Morning Training


Bodybuilder Franco Columbo wrote a mail-order bodybuilding course about 50 years ago in which he provided a question-and-answer section, and one question was, “When is the best time to train?” The future 2x Mr. Olympia’s answer: 2:30 pm!

Training at 2:30 pm may have been the best workout time for this legendary bodybuilding champion. However, the best time to train, or at least the most practical, is often in the morning. Before work or school and, most importantly, before any unexpected distractions that would cause you to miss your workout. Consider the schedule of Reg Park, a 3x Mr. Universe winner who played Hercules in four movies and who was Arnold’s idol.

When Arnold had the opportunity to train with Park in South Africa, Park would wake up Arnold at 4:30 am so they could eat breakfast and get to the gym by 5:00 am. Another bodybuilding legend, 4x Mr. Universe Bill Pearl, beat Park by 30 minutes, getting to the gym by 4:30 am!

Citing research by German sports scientist Dr. Theodor Hettinger, Charles R. Poliquin said the best time to train is 3-11 hours after you wake up. However, sometimes life gets in the way, and training in the morning may be the best option to ensure you don’t miss a workout.

BOTTOM LINE: To avoid missing workouts, train early in the morning. (TSS)


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