Warm up Your Triceps with Pushdowns


John Meadows was one of Charles R. Poliquin’s colleagues who left us too soon. An accomplished pro bodybuilder who trained elite bodybuilders and fitness competitors, Meadows shared many innovative ideas through his writings and social media appearances. One tip to take the “pain” out of triceps training for more “gain.”

“The Mountain Dog” often heard from bodybuilders complaining of pain when performing elbow extension exercises, such as skull crushers or dips. He also experienced this discomfort. Rather than following the advice of seven-foot basketball players and reaching for the Icy Hot®, Meadows found that the best way to deal with this challenge was to warm up with triceps pushdowns.

There are many variations of triceps pushdowns, and Meadows preferred rope pushdowns. Rope pressdowns allow for a more natural movement of the wrists, as opposed to straight bar pressdowns with supinated or pronated grips. And as you are trying to fill the triceps with blood, higher reps should be performed. For example, one or two sets of 10-12 reps.

BOTTOM LINE: Warm-up your triceps with rope triceps pressdowns. (TSS)

Miloš Šarčev photo

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