Build Muscle with the 2-Second Rule

Build Muscle with the 2-Second Rule


The five-second rule is a food hygiene tip that tells how long a piece of food can remain on the floor before it becomes unhealthy to consume. The three-second rule is a driving tip about how to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you. The two-second rule is a training tip to help you build muscle. Seriously.

Precisely controlling the speed of all phases of muscle contraction is a training concept that Charles R. Poliquin is most known for. Regarding eccentric contractions, the Strength Sensei believed there was an optimal speed of movement to achieve the most significant gains in muscle hypertrophy.

If you examine the Strength Sensei’s workouts for building muscle mass, the eccentric portion of most lifts was 3-4 seconds. If a weight is so heavy that you lower it in two seconds or less, it is probably too heavy to create significant muscle tension to increase hypertrophy.

Jay Cutler endorsed this training tip. Cutler won four Mr. Olympia titles. As the Strength Sensei would say, “Success leaves clues!” (TSS)

BOTTOM LINE: Use the 2-second rule to ensure you are providing optimal muscle tension to increase muscle mass.

— Photo by Miloš Šarčev


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