Wednesday Training Tip

Grow Your Biceps with Twenty-Ones


If you were to ask Charles R. Poliquin what his favorite biceps exercises were, the answer would probably have been, “All of them!” The Strength Sensei was a big believer in variety to stimulate growth, so his toolbox of exercises was quite extensive. Often, he went beyond doing an exercise only one way to instill even more variety. Case in point: Twenty-Ones.

With Twenty-Ones, you break up an exercise into three parts, doing seven reps for each part for a total of 21 reps. This method exhausts all parts of a muscle’s strength curve more completely. Let’s take the example of a barbell curl.

Divide the curl into three parts: start position to halfway, halfway to the peak contraction, and the full movement. Do seven reps from the start position to the mid-point, then seven from the midway to peak contraction, and finish with seven full-range reps. Enjoy the pump! (TSS)

BOTTOM LINE: Get a great pump and overload all areas of a muscle’s strength curve with twenty-ones.

— Miloš Šarčev photo

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