Wednesday Training Tip

Motivate Yourself with Social Media


Just about everyone (well, except maybe Trump?) has a social media account, and you can use it to motivate yourself to train harder to become even better.

Charles R. Poliquin was a big believer in taking before-and-after photos to measure your progress and motivate you (and, if you’re a personal trainer, to promote your business). Rather than posting these photos on your refrigerator (or in your refrigerator next to the ice cream), consider posting them on social media.

Let’s say you have a Facebook account. After you’ve made some progress, post your before-and-after photos to your friends and share your goals. When you share, you will often get positive feedback (and for the trolls, there’s always the “unfriend” button), which will motivate you to stay with your program and train even harder. (TSS)

BOTTOM LINE: Get online and share your success with others.

— Miloš Šarčev photo

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