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Wednesday Training Tip

Wear Lifting Shoes to Squat Deep   Long before the Kneesovertoes Guy, Charles R. Poliquin was preaching about the benefits of full squats. He believed that heavy, hamstrings-covering-calves provided maximum strength and growth stimulation. He also thought these squats would help prevent muscle imbalances that increased the risk of chronic knee pain, particularly from conditions

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3 Steps to Healthy Shoulders Resolving the most common causes of shoulder pain   The bench press is the most popular weight training exercise, no question. Unfortunately, those who perform it year-round at a high level often develop shoulder pain. Sometimes a short layoff is all that is needed to get your training back on

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Wednesday Training Tip

Know Your Barbells   What type of barbell should you use for bench presses and power cleans? Because each barbell has qualities that can affect performance, you should have a special bar for each lift. Olympic barbells can be divided into three types: weightlifting, powerlifting, and multi-purpose. A weightlifting barbell must be flexible to minimize

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Build Better Biceps with Rotational Workouts

Build Better Biceps with Rotational Workouts   Designing workouts to build bigger and stronger biceps   Charles R. Poliquin believed that training success requires systematically and uniformly developing strength throughout the entire body. Besides improving athletic performance, this approach is critical for preventing injuries and achieving maximum muscular development. Everyone has their favorite exercises for

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