Strength Sensei Bookshelf: Achieving Victory Over A Toxic World

Strength Sensei Bookshelf Achieving Victory Over A Toxic World For nearly four decades, Mark Schauss has studied how toxins can affect our body composition and overall health. His research is presented for the non-scientist in his book, Achieving Victory Over a Toxic World. Schauss says the average American is exposed to about 80,000 chemicals in …

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Getting It Together

The wholistic approach to lifestyle, training, & nutrition The first thing I tell most people who ask me for specific advice is that for supplements to work, you have to have your other ducks in a row. Unlike the use of drugs, where you can make gains in spite of your lifestyle, training, and nutrition, …

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A Primer on Stress

 Stress is a very common buzzword now, with levels up to 100 times higher in the average person than our forebearers just last century. Yet, it is very often misunderstood. Let’s make a few things clear so we’re all on the same page.  Stress means that the homeostatic state of the body has been compromised. …

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