Fixing Shoulder Pain

By Strength Sensei CP Publication Date: 2000 One of the most common complaints I hear from powerlifters, and other athletes who focus on the bench press, is shoulder pain. Sometimes a layoff will resolve this problem and the athlete can get back to hard training, but it’s more likely the pain will come back and …

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Sport Specific Gurus?

Sport Specific Gurus? A look at questionable practices in the strength coaching profession By Strength Sensei CP Publication Date: 2007   Fitness writers are often a pain, but often so are those who write research papers. I want to give one striking example, using the topic of so-called “sport-specific training.” A colleague of mine recently …

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Training for Traps

    Success leaves clues, and if your goal is big traps, consider studying the training of elite powerlifters and weightlifters. Powerlifters get their trap development from years of deadlifting while Olympic lifters get them from the Olympic lifts and their derivatives. Power cleans and power snatches are probably the most effective exercises to develop …

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