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Charles R. Poliquin created the Dojo of Strength to make information on strength training & nutrition available for everyone. Building on what he created, our team of coaches have taken the wisdom of his teachings and expanded upon it. Find all new Dojo membership options for Combat Sports, Strength, Hypertrophy, Athletes & General Training in the High Performance Dojo and our Webinars of Learning Dojo. 

What's In The Dojo


Strength training & fat loss programs specific for your dojo are released each month

Exercise Demos

Videos on how to do the exercises properly are included with each program


Articles & videos on nutrition/supplementation

Training Articles

Articles on how to apply different training principles for your specific goals


Whether you sign up to get top-level training programs for your personal development or you’re a coach looking to develop your clients/athletes, the content in the Dojo will help you get the results you’re after. 

Meet the Coaches

Coach Eric Falstrault

Eric Falstrault is a Montreal-based strength coach, naturopath, sport therapist, and author. He has effectively undergone numerous internships with Charles Poliquin and has worked with athletes of all levels, from youth sports to professionals in the NHL. Coach Eric is behind the Dojo for Combat Sports. In this dojo, you’ll find exclusive content relating to all things combat sports training – fat loss, strength training, rehab/prehab, nutrition, supplementation, & mindset. Whether you are a combat sports athlete or you train athletes, this dojo is for you!

Coach Ryan Faehnle

Coach Ryan Faehnle is a highly regarded industry leader as a former NCAA Division I Assistant Director of Strength and Conditioning who was responsible for the fitness and physical performance of hundreds of athletes competing at the highest levels in the collegiate ranks. Coach Ryan lectured internationally on fat loss, training athletes, hypertrophy, nutrition, energy systems, and supplementation with Charles. In the High Performance Dojo, Coach Ryan brings his expertise & coaching experience to the programs to help you get the results you're looking for.

What They Say

“Programs, videos, articles, it’s all amazing knowledge and practice.”

“All of it was great. Always nice to see how other coaches write their programs.”

What Dojo Works for You?

Whether you’re training yourself or your clients, we have a dojo for you. Join our coaches community for access to programming, training and nutrition information, access to our private FB group, and discounts on courses and seminars. 


USD $340 Per Year
Save 18%

combat sports dojo


USD $400 Per Year
Save 21%

High performance dojo


USD $600 Per Year
Save $60/yr

Webinars of Learning Dojo


Get unlimited access to ALL content in ALL Dojo’s every month! $84.99/mo or $900/yr.

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