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Personal Coaching: Remote training programs
 Take your training over a  new threshold. Strength Sensei coaches Ryan Faehnle and Eric Falstrault can bring the teaching and the attitude of the master, Charles R. Poliquin straight to you. Personalized training is available on a limited basis for the serious, dedicated athlete. Strength Sensei coaches will have an ongoing program with personalized “check-ins” to help you maintain results and motivation. 

Excite your trainers and your clients!

Business Building: Bring Strength Sensei to you. 
Keeping your trainers engaged and knowledgeable about all aspects of training is critical to keeping your clients engaged. Our coaches are available to provide training and knowledge on all aspects strength and conditioning.  Working in your gym directly with your staff Strength Sensei will bring excitement and results as your people learn the latest in strength, hypertrophy, nutrition, and suplimetation.  Our coaches worked directly with legendary coach Charles Poliquin and work constantly to bring his intensity and mindset, along with current science, to your team. 

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Ryan Faehnle

Sensei Coach 
Strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) LEARN MORE

[email protected]

Eric Falstrault

Sensei Coach  
Sensei Coach Naturopath, Sport Therapist, founder of BODHI Fit and Author of The Strength Code. He is level 5 PICP (Poliquin International Certification Program). LEARN MORE
[email protected]

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