How we came together:

After the passing of legendary strength coach Charles Poliquin in 2018, Krystal Poliquin knew she wanted to carry on her fathers work. She brought together some of the best strength coaches in the world in order to provide the best education to coaches and trainers everywhere.

Each of these coaches has worked / mentored or both under Charles .

 Charles asked Ryan Faehnle to come work for him at the PSI where he travelled internationally educating strength coaches and trainers.

Eric Falstrault is a long time student and friend of Charles, taking all PICP levels as well as many other of Charles’ courses. He interned and mentored under Charles. He was one of the first owners of the Poliquin Performance Center in Canada.

Adrienne Smith also is a long time student of Charles. Charles was a long time mentor and friend to Adrienne .She has travelled the world taking his courses and someone he was very proud of.

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