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Recent Articles

Strength Sensei Bookshelf: Klokov: Training Methods of the Russian Champion

Strengh Sensei Bookshelf Klokov: Training Methods of the Russian Champion When Charles Poliquin gave seminars, he would often invite co- presenters who were considered outliers in their field. One of these presenters was popular Russian weightlifter Dmitry Klokov, author of Klokov: Training Methods of the Russian Champion. In 2014, Coach Poliquin teamed with Klokov to

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Fixing Shoulder Pain

By Strength Sensei CP Publication Date: 2000 One of the most common complaints I hear from powerlifters, and other athletes who focus on the bench press, is shoulder pain. Sometimes a layoff will resolve this problem and the athlete can get back to hard training, but it’s more likely the pain will come back and

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Strength Sensei Bookshelf: Muscle, Smoke, & Mirrors Volume 1

Strengh Sensei Bookshelf Muscle, Smoke, & Mirrors Volume 1 Why should Randy Roach’s Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors, Volume 1 be a part of your bodybuilding library? Consider the following testimony from Charles Poliquin: “This book is so well written and researched that it deserves to be a University textbook for nutritionists, exercise physiologists, and physical

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