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Strength Sensei provides results-driven resources and education to personal trainers and strength coaches around the world. We inspire to deliver world-class courses/seminars that our students learn from and can then take and implement with their clients the next day. We lead and live by Strong on Every Level.

Charles R. Poliquin

The Real Strength Sensei

Charles R. Poliquin was born March 5, 1961 in Ottawa Canada and rose to be not only the most sought-after strength coach in the world, but to date, he also earned the title of the most successful strength coach in history.  Dedication, passion and determination set him apart from the rest in the years of his career. The initial inspiration of weight training came into Charles R. Poliquin’s life at an early age of 14 when he was a student of karate by his first Sensei, Web Corcoran. He showed up for a karate class regardless of the fact that the studio was closed that day due to a severe snowstorm and walked in while Web was lifting weights; the rest is some of the greatest history.  That introduction to the health and fitness industry had Charles R. Poliquin immerse himself in the study of kinesiology, nutrition and strength training for the rest of his life. Over the years, he layered in Chinese medicine and practices, soft tissue manipulation and more to develop a training curriculum unlike any other.  By his own intuition and the awareness of going global from the very start, his drive to be able to communicate to every and any potential coach and student, he was self-taught in several languages to meet the masses. In his home library, language tools for German, Chinese, Italian, Spanish and more were collected and read through with a fine-tooth mental comb.

The accumulation of his life’s work was poured into the Dojo of Strength. This was one of the first and most impressive online training programs that he devoted the last 3 years of his life developing so that students and coaches could completely out do their personal best, but also reach the highest level of service to clients. Without any hesitation and stepping in line to continue and honor her father’s work is his daughter, Krystal Poliquin. Growing up, she witnessed how devoted her father was to his career and how he would never settle for anything less than superior for his followers. While she is attending college, Krystal has delegated a team to be in position and hold her father’s business; Strength Sensei Incorporated and The Real Sensei Training and Education Center in Colorado Springs in its rightful position. Her goal is to not only continue with The Dojo of Strength and the books Charles R. Poliquin wrote, but to add onto his foundation through strength coaches across the world, never ceasing!  This team is comprised of her father’s lifelong friends and his professional peers that with loyalty and integrity and an incredible wealth of knowledge along with their own drive, are eager to carry out her father’s wishes.

In an interview conducted by Tim Ferris on October 12, 2015 Charles R. Poliquin stated, “My ultimate goal is to have one of my students beat my record of Olympians and World Record holders.” From that same interview he said, “if you leave this planet without making it better than when you were born, you didn’t live a good life.” He did leave this planet better than how he found it, leaving behind the tools for many generations to come to succeed well past his record if they dare to reach for it!’s


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