Heather Pearson, MSc ST FHT MART Dip Sp. Psych​


Heather Pearson, MSc ST FHT MART Dip Sp. Psych

Heather Pearson MSc ST FHT MART Dip Sp. Psych., Dip APT., is a well-respected sports therapist, sports psychologist, sports nutritionist and strength coach. 

In 2001 Heather was involved in a very traumatic car crash where she sustained whole body injuries, broken bones, multiple trapped nerves, head pain, a traumatic brain injury and whole body dysfunction – for years she suffered constant pain and couldn’t walk properly without a limp. 

After many years of battling with agony, Heather changed industry, became a sports therapist and strength coach and founded 1body4life. 18 years later, Heather has travelled the world to learn from the most elite coaches’ and health professionals. She decided the more she could resolve her own injuries the more she could provide the most effective results to help others. 

Heather has become an expert in her field and is renowned for resolving complex injuries with her innovative, self-created systems of diagnosis and rehabilitation, advanced soft tissue skills, sports nutrition and sports psychology work. Heather has worked with a range of professional athletes including soccer players, weight lifters, physique competitors, and ironman athletes as well as strength coaches and personal trainers in the UK and Europe.

Heather has taught courses on biomechanics to personal trainers and strength coaches in the UK and still liaises with trainers and coaches all over the world. She is Europe’s first and only female ART® (Active Release Provider) Lead Instructor teaching to chiropractors, osteopaths, sports therapists, physiotherapists, sport massage therapists and strength coaches including elite medical staff in the English Premier League, the most prestigious soccer league in the world. In 2018 Heather won the very exclusive ART® Instructor of the year award.

For 16 years, Heather has worked pitch-side for a variety of soccer teams and since 2010 she has helped produce the most successful ISFA league soccer team in UK’s history, winning 5 seasons in a row with Bradfield College 1st XI. This was via her skills of sports psychology, advanced diagnosis/treatments of injuries and strength & conditioning for the team. She had a close working relationship with the medical team at the English Premier League’s Tottenham Hotspur FC.

As an educator, Heather has voluntarily presented at various sports colleges around the UK over the last decade and since mid 2020 she joined a brain injury charity group Headway where she has voluntarily presented and been involved with multiple focus groups. Heather has been a guest on podcasts in the UK, USA, Sweden and Dubai and has lectured at various conferences in Washington DC, USA; Dublin, Ireland: Toronto, Canada; Colorado Springs, USA.

In 2018 Heather wrote and published a book on back pain called ‘Back Pain Free – Put an end to your suffering with the Pearson Method’ which has since sold around the world in Australia, Europe, US, Canada, UAE and Asia. The book lead to Heather teaching her own courses on The Pearson Method. She is currently writing her 2nd book called ‘Back Pain Free for Athletes’

Heather is an author for FITFORFILMS, a stunt performer website and she holds over 80 qualifications including a Master’s degree in Sports Science and Nutrition, 9 diplomas and is certified in 38 modalities of treatment, sports psychology, nutrition, brain therapy, and strength coaching. Heather continues to travel the world educating and learning from the elite. Her motto is ‘it’s all about the results, the proof of the pudding is in the eating!

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