Wednesday Training Tip


Don’t Walk in Running Shoes


“Use the right tool for the job!” is a common expression and one that especially applies to walking and running shoes.

Running shoes may look cool, but that does not mean you should be wearing them to work or for causal strolls to the local CVS to pick up a container of dental floss.

A running shoe is designed with more cushioning to help absorb shock and is extremely flexible to help you run faster. Running shoes are also designed to accommodate different running styles, so a running shoe for  a “toe-striker” would have a different construction than one for a “heel-striker.” Walking shoes are relatively simple, being stiffer and designed for comfort.

One issue with running shoes is that if they have a higher heel and are worn throughout the day, they can reduce the elasticity of the tendons. Also, they are considerably more expensive, and wearing them throughout the day reduces their life. As those annoying insurance commercials tell us, “You should only pay for what you need!” (TSS)

BOTTOM LINE: Walk in walking shoes and run in running shoes.

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