Wednesday Training Tip

Stretch Between Sets


Charles R. Poliquin was not one to waste time during training, preferring to alternate use supersets, tri-sets, and giants sets to cut the rest time to a minimum. When you’re not using these rapid-paced training methods, consider stretching between sets.

Those who plan to stretch usually do so at the end of their workouts. But often, life gets in the way, workouts get cut short, and those stretches will have to wait until next time. Stretching during rest periods is the answer to getting more done, but you have to do it right because static stretching temporarily weakens muscles.

For example, if you’re working your upper body, stretch your quads, hamstrings, or calves between sets. If you’re working the lower body, stretch your arms, chest, shoulders, or upper back. Depending on how many sets you’re doing, you can complete 5, 10, or even 15 minutes of total stretching during the same workout time. (TSS)

BOTTOM LINE: Save some time and stretch between sets.

— Photo by Viviana Podhaiski,

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