Advanced Strength Methods Series: Large Strong Triceps with the On the Minute Singles

In this series, I will present to you advanced strength methods I actually used with my athletes to make them bigger, faster and stronger. Let’s start with a simple one based on everybody’s least favorite loading parameters: rest.

Rest is often given little thought when it comes to its potential to unlock gains. People who have read my work know how strict I am on longer rest periods to achieve full recovery in order to tap high-quality muscle in the form of high-threshold motor units. I’m also a big fan of 10-15 seconds rest in-between exercises in a giant set to increase recovery just enough so you can squeeze that one rep that will make a difference in the long run.

What few people know is that I’m also a fan of partial recovery, provided it is planned properly. That last part is key; a lot of trainees (a lot as in 99%) don’t recover properly between sets and thus don’t get the full potential of their sets. This is when bad form and body English set in.

If however you want to tap into the power of incomplete recovery, you can do so adequately using this method. If you are an advanced lifter, and you aim for getting even larger and stronger triceps, On the Minute Singles are for you. It is a favorite of my friend Brooks Kubik from Dinosaur Strength fame.

The best exercise for that methodology is the dead stop press from the pins. Set the pins so that you can barely squeeze under.

Take 6 to 8 sets to warm-up. Check my last month article on warming up, in case you forgot.

Pick a weight that you can do 10 singles from a dead stop. I suggest you use your best 7 R.M. weight as the work weight. Don’t worry about starting too light. From experience, it is the right weight in 90% of trainees. So you do a single from a dead stop, pause the load for 4 seconds, don’t let it crash on the pins. The slow eccentric will foster faster growth in strength and size.

Set up your stopwatch so it rings every minute. When it rings do another single, repeat the process until 10 singles are done. If you reach failure at 5 singles, your conditioning is piss poor, so start next workout with 10% less weight.

Give it a try for 6 workouts. I promise the size and strength you will pack will make you proud and happy.



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