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Nurtition Basics Webinar

How to master the basics of eating well

Those who had the opportunity to attend a Charles Poliquin nutrition seminar were exposed to a remarkable amount of cutting-edge information.
They might have learned 10 ways resveratrol can improve the quality of life, for example. Or which supplements have been scientifically proven to be the most effective for losing bodyfat. Ryan Faehnle’s “Nutrition Basics Webinar” takes a step back, teaching you how to eat well.

In working in the fitness industry over the past two decades, Faehnle has found that many of his clients did not know the basics of how to set up
healthy meal plans. But who can blame them? Consider these sample main courses for K-12 students endorsed by the National Academy of Sciences:

Elementary School
     Nachos Grande with Tortilla Chips, 2 oz
     Regular or Spicy Chicken Strips, 3 oz
Middle School
     Low Fat Hot Dog, 2 oz, with Chili, .5 oz on Bun
     Beef and Cheese Taco, 1.5 oz Beef Crumbles, .5 oz Cheddar Cheese,
     2-7” Tortilla Shell
High School
     Assorted Pizza, 6.3 oz
     Cheese Lasagna, 1 oz with ½ cup Marinara Sauce

If this is our standard of excellence for healthy meals, you can understand why the Center for Disease Control estimates that approximately 71 percent of adult Americans are overweight and about 40 percent are obese. Some people must believe that the four basic food groups are Taco Bell, KFC, Domino’s Pizza, and McDonald’s!

Faehnle, an instructor for Team Strength Sensei, was a co-instructor with Coach Poliquin for many years, and this webinar reinforces his teachings. Yes, Faehnle recognizes the value of the supplements that Poliquin endorsed in his seminars but found that often these trainers lacked a basic understanding of meal planning. “I think that Charles took for granted that these elite trainers knew basic nutrition, and as such, seldom covered in his seminars,” says Faehnle. “This webinar is designed to ‘fill in the gaps’ to develop a good nutrition foundation on which to build.”

Team Strength Sensei Instructor Ryan Faehnle

Coach Poliquin always said that his seminars focused on practical application. If you took a weekend seminar, many of the ideas you learned
you could apply that Monday on yourself or, if you were a trainer, your clients. Faehnle’s “Nutrition Basics Webinar” follows this same format, avoiding complex topics that, although important, won’t help you determine what to have for breakfast. Take, for example, his discussion about how to use a bathroom scale.

Many fitness celebrities say, “Throw away your bathroom scale!” or only weigh yourself once a month or once a week. Faehnle takes a radically different approach, advising you to weigh yourself every day at exactly the same time. At the end of a week, he says to add those numbers and divide by 7 to determine your daily average weight. This information will help you determine if you have a calorie surplus, a calorie deficit, or are in caloric maintenance. Again, practical advice that you can use immediately to help you plan personal nutrition programs.

Throughout the webinar, Faehnle spends a lot of time discussing how to lose
bodyfat. Again, the focus is on the practical. “If you do nothing else but start your day by getting an adequate amount of protein, you’re likely to make positive changes to your body composition.” What constitutes a good breakfast?

As Coach Poliquin preached in his seminars, Faehnle says that the two macronutrients to focus on for breakfast are protein and fats. When he says fats, he’s referring to healthy fats such as those found in nuts and seeds. Not only will fats keep you alert by stabilizing your blood sugar, but they will slow digestion to improve nutrient absorption. Bottom line: Think meat and nuts, not milk and cereal.

Ryan Faehnle’s “Nutrition Basics Webinar” will only take an hour of your time, but you will want to watch it over and over again because he packed it
with knowledge bomb after knowledge bomb. Download your copy today!

[Ryan Faehnle’s “Nutrition Basics Webinar” is available in five formats, from Standard Definition for use on a smartphone to High-Definition
quality. Click this link to get started: ]

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